If you consider the meaning of hair loss on your face

If you consider the meaning of hair loss on your face

Hair loss of face and body before marriage

For those who get married from now on, we recommend that you go for depilation by all means.
If a child is born, the time it takes to look at yourself drastically decreases compared to when there is no child.
The best thing is hair removal.
While I am small and can not relax my eyes, I do not say clearly the time when I take a bath alone and handle the whole body of hair slowly. Even if it is still good in winter, the summer season with more exposure is really hard.

I do not mind if I get married, but I have to go nearly a year to complete hair depilation due to the hair cycle, so if you are pregnant on the way, the treatment at the salon Will be refused.
So, especially those who are strongly hoping for children are safe to complete before marriage.

After all, it was two years after I got married that I was able to have children, but I am keenly aware that I was good at removing hair once again as a child was born.
What I had done is Waki ??and Bikini Line, and face laser hair removal.
Especially the face was raised around the mouth and a few thick hair was growing around the jaw, so I got it done carefully.
Although the body can still hide if you put on clothes yet, even though you think that you can hide your mouth by yourself, as you know it is nothing else from other people, However, if you depilate your hair, you will feel a sense of security.
Since I was relatively thin with arms and legs of hair, I did not remove hair, but now I regret a bit.
It seems that because of postnatal hormone change, I became interested in arm and leg hair.
While pregnant, female hormones become stronger, the hair grows wonderful, while the body hair becomes thin, is that reaction? It is impossible yet because the child is still small, but if possible we would like to have hair depilation of the arms and legs before we can do the second person.
While treating child rearing, it is really difficult to treat hair aside from care of hair and skin, so if you are considering marriage, who would like to have children, why recommend depilation by all means To do.
If hair removal is done, it is really easy during child rearing!

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