If you consider the meaning of hair loss on your face

If you consider the meaning of hair loss on your face

Hair loss of facial hair.

I am a 20 - year - old man who is depilating her face and eyebrows from high school students by myself.
I think that men do not care for their face much, but I think women are particularly concerned.
Looking at the face of a woman from a man, you tend to think that you do not need a beard, but surprisingly women seem to be taking care of their everyday.
I heard that she also keeps her face daily.
It seems that women still grow beard.
I do not think he is looking at his face very well, but there are other things than some people seem to be living hair.
I thought that I saw men's facial hair as well as what I care, and I began to cut off beard.
Some women like beards, but most women look like beards NG.

Since I was a high school student, I started hair removal at the beginning to care for the eyebrows.
It is pretty sore when this is the first time.
Some people seem to have blood.
I was not so hard, so blood did not come but it is quite painful.
When I was concerned about hair, beard became obsessed, so I decided to pull it out.
Beard is persistent hair than eyebrows, so I also want to pull out.

However, as I came out, I came up with the feeling of being pleasant.
It has become a daily routine now.
As a disadvantage, as the hair gets stronger by removing the hair, it gradually becomes thicker.
It is a disadvantage that more hair will be buried in it.
As a merit I got praised that she is a beautiful face from a woman.

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